New ALS drug
(`Motor Neuron Disease` or `MND` also known as `Lou Gehrig's disease`)
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A previously unknown problem protein has been discovered
A specifically designed new ALS drug, RCH4, successfully suppresses it
 ​RCH4 is available free of charge on compassionate basis depending on availability and location

This charity has faced many difficulties and obstacles presented by the ALS Establishment

Following the discovery that there is a common link, a previously unknown protein, between ALS, FTD, and Alzhiemers, we developed a drug which safely suppresses that specific link. The drug sppears to demonstrate a profound effect on the rate of progression in ALS patients. Whereas there is no cure for ALS, the evidence would indicate a significant extention of life expectancy and the quality of life. Far in excess of any other drug.

In the beginning, we offered this whole package as a free humanitarian gift to the ALS research community.
They all declined it even though in all the years of research and many hundreds of $millions, they have never made any substantial discovery, developed a drug or successfully slowed the progression in any patient.
​When we have funding, this charity has successfully been doing so with RCH4 for some years, free of charge.

Where has the $115 million Ice Bucket Challenge and other charity donations gone?

A Phase ll clinical trial is required to obtain Regulatory Authoriy approval for the RCH4 drug which would cost some $3 to $5 million. It could have been afforded.

(Note: The ALS Association figure below excludes the Ice Bucket Challenge as the proceeds went to a separate entity)
​​ Examples of some incomes & expenditures per year:        Income                     Spent on Research/Grants     Chief Scientist/Research​​
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Examples of response to us
ALS Association                                                                      $32,300,000                         $3,280,000                                Dr. Brujyn

Motor Neurone Disease Association                                 $24,300,000                          $4,800,000                                 Dr. Cupid

ALS Therapy Development Institute                                  $12,700,000                          $8,500,000                                 Dr. Perrin

ALS Untangled                                                                       $        30,000?                               N/A                                       Dr. Bedlack

​"Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are supposed to be the solution. Solve the problem, no job."
Clay Shirky - Social commentator and consultant. 

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In general, the hostility of the moderators on some ALS forums who have repeatedly deleted RCH4 threds denying right of reply and made uninformed comments, along with untrue statements by Internet "Trolls" that RCH4 and this charity is a "SCAM" have been most unhelpful.

Trying to help PALS is not easy. Refer to:   About us

Depending on rate of currency exchange, it can cost some $1,000 to supply each patient per month. As a voluntary charity, no staff or overhead costs are added.
​Unlike any other charity, nobody gets paid and we work from our own homes. All costs are met by ourselves.